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Friends of the Urban Forest Newsletters

Below you can find our latest and earlier editions of URBAN NEWS, which is our regular newsletter to help keep you informed of our activities. Please sign up to become a Friend so we can keep you informed of new editions.

URBAN NEWS SUMMER 2013/14 • Urban Biodiversity is evolving • Laratinga Wetland • Spring working bee • Adelaide Park Lands case study • Spring time is SEED time! • Highlights of monitoring • Field trip • Million Trees survey results • Kaurna Garden Hendon Primary School • Atlas of Living Australia highlight • Plant database is back! • The native grass lawn • Word search • Volunteering Opportunities & Upcoming Events




URBAN NEWS SEPTEMBER 2013 • Achievements Lead to Long-term Improvements • Words from the Works Crew • Biophilic Cities • Caring for Our Local Environment • Atlas of Living Australia – GBGW portal • Creature Feature • Diversity of Species • BushRAT • Maslin Beach – Our Largest Planting Event Ever! • Look what’s happening at Willunga Creek • Northern Council Going Sustainable • Crossword • Volunteering Opportunities & Upcoming Events

Winter 2013 URBAN NEWS Planting-a-Feast for the YTBCO • Million Trees Program Winter Planting Events • Beautiful Books & Fabulous Resources • A Big Weed Front in Eden Hills • Brian Pledger Remembered – Pledger Wetlands • A Grand 5th Birthday for Grey Box Day • Tina’s Garden: A BFW Journey Part 19 What Winter Weed Is That? • Guilford Grass • Adelaide’s clever caterpillars and beautiful butterflies hiding in plain sight! • A Sly Suburban Suspect… • Crossword • Volunteering Opportunities & Upcoming Events



March 2013 URBAN NEWS • We’re off and running……in 2013 • Volunteer contributions invaluable in helping to conserve the Yellow-tailed black-cockatoo • Priority weed control in Northern Project sites • Caring for our Remnant Bushland • Recovering Grey Box Grassy Woodland in the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges • Marymount’s Milieu • Tina’s Garden: A BFW Journey Part 18 • Local Habitats Help Our Friends Prosper • Stories of Significant Change • Wordsearch • Volunteering Opportunities &  Upcoming Events



 December 2012 URBAN NEWS • Another busy year for community engagement • Colouring Cleland • The Claredon Carbon Requestration Project • Have a Very Native Christmas • Goodbye 2012… Hello 2013!   A schools snapshot • Tina’s Garden: A BFW Journey Part 17 • Seed Collection Time • LG BON on Tour: The plight of a threatened ecosystem, Grey Box Grassy Woodland • Order Grey Box Plants Now • Trees, Grasses, Cars and Pyramids • WordSearch •  Volunteering Opportunities &  Upcoming Events





September 2012 URBAN NEWS • Restoration of Grey Box Habitats in the South • Peppermint Box Grassy Woodlands • Dedicated volunteers not swamped by a muddy task at Onkaparinga Estuary • Eco-villagers out in force at Port Willunga Creek • Planting Season Wrap • A Nod to May Gibbs on National Tree Day • Tina’s Garden: A BFW Journey Part 16 • A few of our threatened friends • Recovering the Grey Box Grassy Woodlands in the AMLR Region • Conserving our Grey Box Grassy Woodlands • Join the Dots • The Third Bird Atlas of the Adelaide Region • Mapping Biodiversity with the OzAtlas app • Threatened Species Crossword



June 2012 URBAN NEWS • Enriching Urban Space - Parks Forum 2012 • Hand-seeding Native Grasses • Riparian Revegetation • Coorara School Garden – The Kaurna Trail • Tina’s Garden: A BFW Journey Part 15 • Meet the New Project Officers • The Buzz Word… on Native Bees • Bee-tter Homes and Gardens • Weeds of National Significance’s New Dirty Dozen • Riparian Wordsearch • Volunteering Opportunities & Upcoming Events






March 2012 URBAN NEWS • Replicating Grey Box Day in the North of Adelaide…The Understory Project • Results of the 2011 Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo Census • Adelaide Plains Grassy Woodland Restoration Forum • DENR Native Garden Awards Winner 2011– Waite Campus Childrens Centre • O’Halloran Hill – A History • Botanic Gardens Supporting Local Native Plants • Tina’s Garden: A BFW Journey Part 14 • DENR Native Garden Awards Winner 2011 – Greg Sproule, Ridgehaven • Living in the Long Grass at Craigburn Farm

December 2011-URBAN NEWS 


 UBU’s New Interactive Display • UBU Out and about in 2011 • Get the low down on weeds • Nest Boxes for Tree Martins • What is LGBON? • Grasslands are the focus • Tina’s Garden: A B4W Journey Part 13 • Black Saturday…two and a half years on • Biodiversity Monitor Ramble: A ramble in the understory • UBU Field Trip • Wordsearch: Fire… Are You Prepared??? • Volunteering Opportunities &  Upcoming Events






September 2011 - URBAN NEWS • Working Together at Onkaparinga River • Planting Crew 2011 • Education Roundup • Bats of the Mt Lofty Ranges • North American Students Volunteer to Help Restore Our Biodiversity • It’s a Rare Thing • Grow a Great School Case Study: The Ninna Marni Biodiversity Garden Story • Tina’s Garden: A BFW Journey Part 12 • Biodiversity Monitor Ramble: Successful Plantings in Grassy Woodlands Restoration • Crossword • Volunteering Opportunities & Upcoming Events


June 11 Newsletter

June 2011 - URBAN NEWS • About the SA Urban Forests - Million Trees Program • UBU Planting Events... 2011 • Controlling Wild Oats • Cleaning up at Pt Willunga • Extra 15,000 Trees in the Adelaide Park Lands • GAGS Case Study: Black Forest Primary's Frog Pond • Tina's Garden: A BFW Journey Part 11 • BFW Case Study: Ridley Grove • Biodiversity Monitor Ramble: Microlaena • Green and Golden: A history of the wattle • Wordsearch - warts and all • Volunteering Opportunities & Upcoming Events



March 2011 - URBAN NEWS


 • A Legacy of Love: Restoring Para Woodlands • UBU Events... 2011 • Coolatai Grass • Craigburn Burn • Tina's Garden: A BFW Journey Part 10 • BFW Case Study: Native and Creative at Warradale • Local and not so Local Wildlife •Biodiversity Monitor Ramble, Beta Diversity... when less is more • Grassy Crossword • Volunteering Opportunities • Upcoming Events





December 2010 - URBAN NEWS • Remember ESD?   • The planting season ended, so what's next?   • When is the best time to plant?    • Local water-wise plants at the Botanic Gardens • Tina's Garden: A BFW Journey Part 9 • Biodiversity Monitor Ramble, lorikeets part 2 • BFW Case Study: Wildflower Blossoms at Brighton • Native Shrub Wordsearch • Volunteering Opportunities  • Upcoming Events




Thumbnail of front cover Sept 2010Sept 2010 URBAN NEWS  • Seed Production Area at Para Woodland  • Winter Wrap Up • Community and schools tackle climate change at Craigburn  • An amazing volunteer... Brian Knill • Students brave the cold to Grow a Great School  • DENR staff Get Involved! • Tina's Garden: A BFW Journey Part 8  • The Lorikeet Shuffle  • Springtime Wordsearch  • Opportunities to Get Involved and Volunteer




June 2010 URBAN NEWS • Experimenting with Soils • Snap happy - the ins and outs of photopoint monitoring  • Birds, Bugs and Banksias  • The Case of a Disappearing Bird: The Black-chinned Honeyeater  • Tina's Garden: A BFW Journey Part 7  • Bringing balance to backyards • Adelaide's gone Batty! • Crossword • Opportunities to Get Involved



FOUF Newsletter March 2010

March 2010 URBAN NEWS


 • The UBU out and about • What is the cost of conservation?  • Volunteers in Action over Summer  • Revegetating Darlington – Connecting the Hills to the Coast • Priority Parcels for Conservation: Keys to the future • Schools Snaphot 2010 • Tina's Backyard for Wildlife Garden Update • Replace garden escapees and reduce potential bushland weeds • BFW Case Study • Clovelly Park • Weedy Word Search • Opportunities to Get Involved





FOUF Dec09

December 2009 URBAN NEWS • Show us your gardens! • Para Woodland planting event • National Tree Day events • Restoring Blanche Point (Maslin Beach) • Fun in the mud at Onkaparinga NP • Restoring habitat for our fauna • Survey sights rare bird • Working Bea at Craigburn • Tina's Backyard for Wildlife Garden Update • Using a range of plant heights • Nesting Boxes • Crossword • Opportunities to Get Involved




FOUF May09

May 2009 URBAN NEWS • Three key factors for successful revegetation  • Adelaide's teachers keen for sustainable schools • Controlled burn within Gawler Buffer site • Tainmundilla (Park 11)     - Photopoint tips • City of Holdfast display garden • Tina's Backyard for Wildlife Garden Update • Sourcing local native plants • BFW Case study - butterfly haven • Crossword • New Faces • Opportunities to Get Involved




FOUF Feb09

February 2009 URBAN NEWS • Million Trees Program Recognised as a High Acheiver! • Local Natives on Display at Lochiel Park • Northern, Central and Southern Project Officers' Reports • Survival • The Importance of Grey Box Woodlands • Tina's Backyard for Wildlife Garden Update • BFW & Renting • A Front for Wildlife • Crossword • UBU at WOMAD! • New Face at the Urban Biodiversity Unit • Opportunities to Get Involved




FOUF Dec08

December 2008 URBAN NEWS • The Bills are Back! • School Grants Growing! • Northern Report • Central Report • Southern Report • A Biodiversity Bank at Ironbank • National Parks = Adelaide's Biodiversity Jewels • Tina's Backyard for Wildlife  Garden Update • Crossword • New Face at UBU • New Get Involved Opportunities






FOUF Aug08August 2008 URBAN NEWS • Achieving 1.5 Million Trees! • Pilgrim Peace Park • Tina's Garden - A Backyard for Wildlife Journey • Establishing your own Backyard for Wildlife • Garden Case Study • Outstanding Winter Organisms • Did You Know? • Amazing Animals Wordsearch • New Staff • Get Involved Opportunities


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